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The importance of online monitoring of inclinometer for safe use of wind turbine.

In the equipment management of wind farm, the safe operation of wind turbine is the first consideration in the equipment management.Because the wind turbine is located in the field, it is impossible to check the appearance of real-time equipment, especially for areas with geological hidden dangers, such as debris flow, mining, earthquake and other natural disasters, so it is impossible to carry out pre-control on the site at present.

In addition, the main equipment of the wind turbine is running on the pylons tens of meters high. Under the effects of wind speed, gravity and blade torsion, whether the bolts and welds of the wind turbine tower barrel can withstand the design load, especially to achieve the safety of the stabilizer and tower barrel under extreme wind speed, has become an important topic in the wind power industry.

Based on the above considerations, given such a huge investment risk BEWIS sensing intertial attitude sensor and the responsibility of equipment safety management, BEWIS SENSING will pay more attention to the equipment safety of wind power units, especially the tower safety and fan fire, because once the tower safety is compromised, the whole wind power unit will be damaged.

Based on advanced cloud computing and big data capacity, BEWIS SENSING can realize the whole amount of fan operation and maintenance data on the cloud, and connect the real-time data link, so that the fan state can be viewed, calculated and analyzed in the cloud.By establishing the model of intelligent fault warning algorithm, the potential fault warning of fan can be realized in advance.At the same time, the fan group control becomes more intelligent and greatly improves the overall power generation efficiency of the wind field.The overturning monitoring of fan mainly includes the following two aspects.

1.Monitoring of uneven settlement of wind turbine tower

High precision inclination sensor is used for on-line monitoring.The inclination sensor shall have the functions of continuous reading, automatic recording and digital transmission.When monitoring the inclination of the tower, the sensor can be placed in the tower.When monitoring the inclination of the foundation, the instrument can be placed on the foundation surface, and the variation value of the horizontal inclination of the tower or foundation surface measured by the fan reflects and analyzes the variation degree of the fan inclination.

2.Monitoring the shaking Angle of wind turbine tower

The swing of the upper tower of the fan tower is of low frequency. Due to the complex structure of the wind turbine, the interaction of various components and the coupling effect of external wind load, the collected signals contain a lot of noise, so it is necessary to filter the signals.According to its application, eliminate the vibration, rocking effects, improve the product precision of Angle for the fan on the tower oscillation, the implementation of the application of dynamic Angle sensor can be used, through the combination of the gyroscope, accelerometer and kalman filter algorithm processing, can reduce the noise effects when the dynamic, implementation of the fan in the swing, vibration and so on real-time movement posture Angle measurement in a complicated environment.

Through the comparison and analysis of the sensor data at the bottom and top of the tower drum, it can be found that the local force and deformation of the tower drum are uneven, which can improve the service life of the fan.

To sum up, the use of inclination sensors for the safety monitoring of tower barrel and tower of wind turbines is a positive direction for the healthy development of the whole wind power industry and the technical innovation of the wind power industry.Nowadays, actively promoting the application of advanced technologies such as tower and tube safety online monitoring technology for wind turbines can effectively make up for the safety risks caused by the insufficient design and poor operating environment of wind turbines, and reduce the occurrence of equipment accidents.

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Water Environment, Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment and Services

Wuxi Gongyuan Environmental has been adhering to the corporate strategic concept of serving the public and independent technological innovation and striving to fulfill the social mission of sustainable development of water resources since its establishment in 2006. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of water environment equipment, and has formed a high-quality scientific research service team with professional talents in the industry. The belief that service quality and business integrity are the first priority is always rooted in "Gongyuan quality".

Gongyuan Environmental, so far has provided water treatment equipment and related water environment services for more than 5000 companies both at home and abroad. Until now, our products have been exported USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Canada, Russia, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Iran, Kuwait, Indonesia, Nigeria, Congo, etc. There are over 2000 successful projects in the world over 20 countries and district. The customers are engaged in petrochemical, electronic technology, chemical industry, breeding, textile printing and dyeing, food processing, catering and many Water Environment, Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment and Services other industries. Also, the equipment won favorable comments in the industry.

In the aspect of intellectual property right, Gongyuan Group firstly and successfully passed intellectual property management system certification. Gongyuan independent research and development of dissolved air flotation and microbubble preparation technology has won nearly 200 national patents.

We are looking forward that our high-qualified rich products and professional services will make greater contribution to you on the improvement of water environment.

Production Process of Motorcycle wheel

Tarazon i the motorcycle wheels manufacturer, production motorcycle wheels since 2009.

Tarazon can supply different type aluminum alloy wheels, like forged wheels or casting wheels.

There are two types of rim manufacturing: forging and casting.

The forged wheel is made of high-strength forging. Under the same size and the same style, the forged wheel has lighter motorcycle wheels weight, better heat dissipation, higher strength, less smashing after impact, higher safety, strong plasticity, and can be customized.

The casting wheels is divided into gravity casting and low pressure casting. Gravity casting: The aluminum ingot is converted into aluminum water, which is mainly poured into the mold cavity by the gravity of the aluminum water itself. The pressure in the flow comes from the weight of the aluminum water itself, but gravity casting belongs to the most primitive casting hand, technology The content is low, so most of them use labor, and the process level is difficult to guarantee.

Low-pressure casting: The aluminum ingot is converted into aluminum water, which is directly extruded into the rim model through a conveying pipe, and is pressed down and pressed for 30 minutes. Low-pressure casting is the process in which aluminum water enters the mold under pressure and the aluminum liquid solidifies and crystallizes under pressure. The whole process is mechanized, so the process level is very stable. In terms of production cost, the cost of low-pressure casting is greater than that of gravity casting. However, due to the need for mass production, automobile manufacturers now specify the use of low-pressure casting products to ensure product quality.

The performance of the motorcycle wheel is the key to ensuring safe driving of the motorcycle. Motorcycle wheels will withstand a variety of alternating loads during high-speed driving. If the line runs at a constant speed, the ground will produce radial load on the wheel; when the motorcycle turns, the vehicle will generate centrifugal force, and the wheel must withstand the bending moment caused by centrifugal force; during the start, brake, acceleration and deceleration of the motorcycle, the wheel needs to be Torsion torque is applied; when the motorcycle crosses an obstacle, the wheel is subjected to an impact load. Therefore, all motorcycle wheels must be tested before leaving the factory. For example: 1. Rotational bending fatigue performance test, 2. Radial load fatigue performance test, 3. Torsional fatigue performance test, 4. Radial impact test.

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